Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Une petite probleme.......

Finnegan, does not like croissants. Gasp! More for the rest of us! We are settling in very nicely. Our house is very quaint, lots of stone, and wood, and is easy to maintain. We have a lovely garden for the kids to play in. It is relatively closed and private which in nice. The kids spend a lot of time collecting and trading snails based on their determined value (size). I think it might be the Plouhinec version of Pokemon! It is colder here than expected, but still nice. We have been to the beach a couple of times to collect shells, and found a crab during low tide. We went grocery shopping, which the kids enjoyed immensely. I cooked my first dinner in France, salad with a raspberry vinagrette and croutons, langoustine (Graeme chose live ones at the grocery store) with tomato sauce, bread and cheese and fruit. And wine! Oh my goodness, the wine is SO MUCH BETTER. Grocery shopping took a lot of concentration. It doesn't matter what country you are in, when you visit a new grocery store, it takes time. Not recognizing any brands or having the ability to read the packaging doesn't help! Plus, Alexe and I spent WAY too much time choosing mustard and cookies based on the adorable reusable containers they come in. J'aime Alexe. I was very worried that it would be uncomfortable and awkward the first week or so, but if feels like Alexe has always been here. It is very nice to have another girl in the house. The boys are so funny, being careful to be private and thoughtful. My French has already improved. Mind you, it wouldn't take much to improve on the little I had!

Some pictures of our backyard:


  1. Great photos! Finnegan is so cute! The landscape reminds me of Normandy and your house brings back a lot of memories! Great architecture eh? Probably because everything is so old; sure is a lot of history ther! If that old hose could only tell stories!


  2. It looks wonderful and Finnegan looks like he has settled in in spite of not liking croissants. Hope the weather warms up for you. Can't wait 'till we visit.

  3. Hi Jennifer, wow looks like your family is doing great! That is one cute little guy looking out the window. Take lots of pictures! Love the look of the land, looks old and very picturesque. Say hello to my grandchildren and give them a kiss and hug from Nanny and Grandpa. love mom

  4. Bonjour Jenn, C'est tres jolie! Dit allo aux enfants, Pete, et Alex. Enjoy! Julie

  5. Bonjour Jenn! (Abbey insists I write "hi" in French.) Wonderful to read that you're all settling in well. We look forward to following your adventures in France. :) Last few weeks of school and then it's the Summer for us. Hooray! It is already feeling like the Summer is here, largely because my parents are with us. Dance recitals are done. Spring extra-curricular programs are drawing to an end. The farmer's market opens tomorrow! :)Sending lots of hugs to you all, Nikki

  6. That is a travesty that sweet little Finnegan doesn't like croissants! I remember their buttery goodness, like it was yesterday. It was my staple french breakfast while we were there. I love the update, love the photos, and love those little munchkins! Give 'em a good squeeze from Auntie will you? Your surroundings look wonderful. I hope you plan on picking up or sending some fabrics home. Love that the boys have been down to the beach already. Bryce is right - if those old building could talk, imagine the stories! And, you guys are creating another.
    Lots of love!