Sunday, June 17, 2012

Someone special just turned two......

Happy Birthday Sweet Finn!
It was a special day!  A day filled with fun at the beach, presents, chocolate cake (the first one EVER that I didn't make), balloons and songs.  We sang Happy Birthday several times in French and English because Finn enjoyed it so much.  Where does the time go?  In someways it feels like he has been here forever and in other ways I feel like his birth was just a week ago.  Sometimes I look at the giant dangly part baby/part boy that he is, and wonder where my teeny tiny baby went, the one that couldn't make his crib jump across the room.

Ah my baby boy, what would we do without you?  Any thought I ever had of not having enough for a third baby went right out the window the minute you were born.  You are so very loved by your Mama and Dada and your big brothers.  You bring laughter and excitement and joy to us every day.  We love your 'stink eye', the way you call Daddy with what sounds like an English accent, how you already ask 'why?'.

A sample conversation with Finn:
Mama: Finn, please sit down on your chair.
Finn: Why?
Mama: So you won't fall and get hurt.
Finn: Oh.

We love your dance moves and the way you say 'YAY' when you are excited.  We love your perspective and your eagerness to explore and try new things.

I love you to bits!


Off to make more adventure.......


  1. Happy Birthday Finnegan!

    HaHa! We loved the photo of him with his chocolate cake (he eats like his Uncle). Weird, we are craving chocolate cake now?


    Bryce & Cobi

  2. Thank you for making me cry, Jennifer! And a VERY HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to sweet little Finnegan. Your uncle and I miss you SO MUCH! We hope that you and your brothers received something from us in the mail.

    Lots of x's and o's from far away to far away!

    Love Auntie Cobi

  3. Belated birthday wishes for Finnegan! He's such a sweetheart! Fabulous to read that you're having a lot of fun. We are GREEN.WITH.ENVY. ;) Sending you hugs and love via the Internet. (Do you have a postal address? Let me know and I'll send you a handwritten letter.)

    xoxo Nikki, Geoff, Abbey and Eddie

  4. Bonne fête Finn! So glad you are thoroughly enjoying yourselves. Vive la France!

    A and 3 J's :)