Friday, June 15, 2012


So sorry for the big break between posts!  We have been a bit busy.  France.  Is.  Awesome.  We go to the beach nearly every day during low tide and catch crabs, snails, shrimp and poke at anonime and other little sea creatures.  We have had help from some very generous locals who taught us about sea snails, and which ones are yummy.  So, snails for supper!  Yum! The snail inspectors:

We are en route to Paris via Mont  St. Michel, St. Malo and Normande.  We are tasting local delicacies:

and enjoying life by the sea.  Graeme is by far the most adventuresome in his food choices, choosing tres expensive escargot when we go out.  I have occasionally caught glimpses of who this little boy will be as an adult.  I see him with a big backpack, exploring the world.  After watching him sit silently through a mass at Mont St Michel, I can totally see him trekking on some sort of spiritual journey.  He better call his Maman!

It doesn't start getting dark until really late here, so we are going with the tides, and adjusting bedtimes accordingly.  It is cooler here than we expected, but as the day goes on it warms up nicely.  Still no eating outside though!  People have been super kind and patient with us.  We stopped for lunch today at a little creperie in a small village.  We were very much ignored by people, then Alexe recognized people as having a Quebecois accent.  We spoke to them, and by the end of lunch, the locals were teaching the kids magic tricks.  Tres cool.  

More frequent posts to come I promise.  Paris tomorrow!  Youpi! 


  1. So wonderful to hear about your adventure! All of your little pets are happy and healthy... Alana gives each one special TLC ;) Looking forward to reading more about your trip. Ann

  2. How did you like Normandy? Those areas you drove through, particularly Mont St. Michael are so rich with history, particularly D-day history. Your little brother is JEALOUS!

    It sounds like everyone is having fun! I bet the snails taste so fresh eh? Keep the posts coming, we are enjoying them immensely! Bryce & Cobi

  3. Guess what! Your favourite house on Oakridge just went up for sale this week! Check it out at Sutton Group (Tim L.. is agent). Hope you are having a great time. Can't wait to read more about it!!!!! HC