Sunday, April 1, 2012

I love Paris in the Springtime......

Before we drop Peter off at the airport, we are spending a week in Paris. A whole week! The eiffel tower, the louvre, the food, l'amour! We were a little worried about taking the children to Paris, but it appears to be a very child friendly city with lots of activities suitable for families. Again, we are using a self catering apartment, because we are not interested in taking tired, cranky kids to restaurants. It is going to be great to have our AuPair A with us, taking turns with the kiddos. We have had a few reccomendations from friends, le Centre Pompidou, le Bateaux Mouche and the Paris Pass. It will be such a change for us, we have spent very little time in big cities, but always enjoy Montreal and Toronto when we do. I need to work a bit with the kids on street safety, the L man will talk to anyone who makes eye contact, and I have to stay on top of the G man to keep him off other peoples lawns and from walking into traffic. We'll go the in usual Tate style, keeping it simple and on the down low. I hear Paris has some incredible parks! We are meeting our AuPair A for the first time in person next weekend. We are all very excited to meet her!


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    What is an AuPair A?

    Beware of Dog S**T on the sidewalks. We did not get to see too much of Paris; the subway system itself was incredible! It goes down and down and down! I read a National Geographic article about the Paris underground. You should see if you can book a tour; there are all kinds of tunnels, caves, etc.

  2. You MUST see the Eiffel Tower at night time, like in your photo. It is unbelievable!

    The Louvre is amazing too!

    Good idea on renting an apartment for the week, that means you can visit the market and pick up fresh baguettes, cheese, meats, veggies, fruit and chow down at "home". You're going to LOVE IT!

    Make sure you wear a piece of Canada, because you don't want the French to think you're American. They'll treat you dirty. But, if they know you're Canadian, they are the nicest people.

    So excited for The Tate's!


  3. We were engaged right there in that photo! May you experience the joy that I found while in Paris! Lots of love to you, mon amie...Amy