Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Excuse moi, parlez Francais?

The main reason we are going to France is so that I can learn French. My initial plan was to take classes in France, however, I tried to take some classes in Toronto, which was a total fail. The F man got strep throat, which I then got, and between the two of us being sick, I missed nearly half of the classes. I was thinking that Peter could be my teacher, but he only has three weeks off, leaving me without a partner, father for my children and French teacher. While I can't replace the partner/father part, we thought a French speaking Au Pair could be a helping hand and teacher. After putting the word out, a friend of ours got us in touch with her niece in Quebec City, et voila! An Au Pair! We are super excited to have Alexe join our family. We are also excited to think we might be able to have some regular date nights - at least for three weeks. We met Alexandra a couple of weeks ago while she was visiting family to celebrate the baptism of a very very loved baby. It went very well, the boys really liked her and thank goodness they were reasonably well behaved. It will be a transition for all of us, but I am sure we will settle into a routine within a week or so. Once we are on French soil, there will be no more English spoken, which is going to be an exercise in patience for me. I talk A LOT, and I have A LOT of French to learn before I can maintain any sort of conversation. Let's hope I am a quick study!

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Sucks about the lessons falling through, however I also think that once you're immersed with french speaking people, than I think you'll pick it up quickly.

    I thought I'd have a hard time, there but I began to notice familiar words (considering that almost everything here in Ontario is listed in French too). That helped out a lot!