Monday, March 12, 2012

La Mer

Although there was little discussion or thought about where we wanted to stay, there were a few requirements: not too touristy (coastal south), close to the sea and somewhere were we could create a home away from home. We decided on Bretagne (Brittany). European friends of ours reccomended this site, which led to this house. It is in a tiny fishing village, 200m from the sea. There is shrimp fishing, clam digging all just a short walk away. The G Man is going to be thrilled! What I loved most about this is when I looked at the property with google earth, there were big shaggy horses in the back yard - apparently the adjacent field is let out for the horses! It just sound so magical. I have to try to keep slightly realistic that while we will be in France, someone will invariably get an ear infection, throw up or both. That being said, check out the local sights:


  1. That little cottage looks so nice! You guys will love living there. And the village of Bretagne sounds wonderful! What an amazing adventure you're all going to have!

  2. Beautiful cottage! You will have to find a market to buy apples for the horses!